Ostrovit Vitamin D3 + K2 90 Tablets

Ostrovit Vitamin D3 + K2 90 Tablets

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OstroVit D3 + K2 is a composition of vitamins derived from natural raw materials. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2 available to the highest degree by our body. It is kept from a traditional Japanese fermented soy product, resulting from the fermentation of bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto.

  • Contains 90 portions in the package
  • Highly bioavailable form of softgel capsules!
  • Vitamin D3 enriched with a synergistic form of vitamin K2

Vitamin D3 is called the vitamin of life - it affects the proper functioning of almost all systems and organs in the body. In combination with vitamin K2, it intensifies the strengthening of the skeletal system. Stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestines, which further affects the proper mineralization of bones and teeth. It has the effect of increasing muscle strength and prevents loss of muscle tissue, accelerates fat burning and supports the slimming process. In addition, it has the effect of increasing the body's resistance to infections, protects against the occurrence of depression, depression and apathy.

Vitamin K2 is essential for the proper functioning of the body, regulates the blood coagulation process, and also affects the maintenance of normal bone mineral density. He is responsible for the correct transport of calcium from the blood to bone tissue, which allows the maintenance of healthy and strong bones, and increase their resistance to bends.


  • Increases the mineralization of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin D helps in the proper absorption / utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • Vitamin D helps in the proper functioning of muscles
  • Vitamin D helps in the proper functioning of the immune system
  • Takes part in the process of cell division
  • It is ideal for raising your physiological level of testosterone.

* Please note that the visualization of the product may differ from its actual appearance.

Nutritional Info

Per serving
Vitamin K (MK-7) 100 μg 133% *
Vitamin D 50 μg / 2000 IU 1000% *
* RWS - Reference intake value.

Filling substances: microcrystalline cellulose ,   calcium phosphate; anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; menaquinone-7 (vitamin K) from Bacillus subtilis natto, cholecalciferol (vitamin D).

Directions For Use

Consume 1 serving (1 tablet) daily 30 minutes before a meal.


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