OstroVit Beta Alanine 200g

OstroVit Beta Alanine 200g



OstroVit Supreme Pure Beta-Alanine is a great supplement that can be used during hard training sessions. One-component, micronized preparation designed for athletes who want to best strengthen the natural potential of their abilities.

  • 200 g of beta-alanine in the package.
  • 50 servings in the package.
  • 4g in a dose.
  • Only one component, no unnecessary fillers.


Beta-Alanine is an organic chemical compound classified as ergogenic substances. It is a laboratory modified isomer of a natural amino acid found in nature, which is alanine. After consumption, it is used in the production of carnosine, which acts as an acidic buffer in the body. Carnosine stored in muscle cells is released in response to a drop in pH (hydrogen ions), i.e. regulates their acidity. The greater the amount of carnosine in the muscles, allows you to take longer training sessions.

Properties OstroVit Supreme Pure Beta-Alanine

The supplement being a precursor to the synthesis of carnosine increases muscle endurance, and allows you to perform additional repetitions during strength training. It is also perfect for people practicing sprints or rowing. Beta-Alanine has a number of advantageous properties:

  • Consumption of beta-Alanine causes muscle hypertrophy, which is an advantage when working on dry muscle tissue.
  • Some studies suggest that lipolysis, or fat burning, increases in people who supplement beta-Alanine
  • The effect of increasing muscle endurance and reducing tiredness during training.
  • Allowing for additional repetitions in the series, it increases the training volume which affects the more effective increase of muscle tissue.
  • It allows for longer and more effective trainings.

Product Details

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Nutritional Info

100% Beta-alanine.


active ingredients
At 100g Per serving % RWS
Beta-alanine 100g 4000mg

Directions For Use

The standard recommendation ranges from 2 to 5 grams of substance per day. Beta-Alanine is often a component incorporated into various pre-workout stacks. In fact, the time of day does not affect the action of the substance.
The effect of paraesthesia can be avoided by taking smaller doses (1-2g) spread throughout the day.a

Add 4 g (4/5 scoops) in 100-150ml of water or juice. On workout days, eat one serving a day 30 minutes before training.

Customer Notice

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